Neverknead Pt2

NEVERknead – Other Uses For My Clay Conditioning Machine

Other Uses For My Clay Conditioning Machine


The NEVERknead can be used for a lot more than just conditioning polymer clay as I went over in part 1 neverknead review I use it almost every time that I’m claying, here are some other ways that I use my machine

Compressing: This is the aftermath of pieces of clay that I had used to make a cane all squashed together as much as I could do by hand.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 1

A few presses later the clump of clay is now compacted into a nice square ready to go back into my clay storage case.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 2

This is a stack of scrap clays I am compressed.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 3

I moved the clay off to the side of the top plate to press down the sides making it even flatter.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 4

Flattening Clay: I have a hard time using just an acrylic roller to flatten out my clay so I now use my NEVERknead to do this job for me.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 5

Color Mixing: I color blend almost everything I make I find the tear and stack method works well.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 6

Tear – Stack – Press – Repeat this process for full color blending.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 7

Marbling: I stopped at this point to show that it is also great for marbling flattening it thin enough to fit into my clay machine.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 8

Adding Texture: Placing a rubber texture sheet on top of the clay and pressing, I also use the wood stamps and flat texture sheets.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 9

To make the texture on the entire flat clay I just move it around.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 10

Flat Disc: Cutting a thick slice off a cane that I want to flatten.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 11

Flat Beads: I placed a bead on the base plate and pressed lightly.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 12

I now have a perfectly flat bead.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 13

Cane Revitalization: This is one of my first ink canes using the alcohol inks which can make the cane dry up very fast. This cane was so stiff and hard that I didn’t think it could be used anymore.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 14

I lightly pressed down then rotated the cane applying light pressure on all sides rotating after each pressing.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 15

The plasticizers in the cane have loosened up as you can see it is much softer now as I can press down on the cane.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 16

Rounded Edge Cutouts: Using a very thick piece of clay I add some plastic cling wrap pulling it tightly on top of the clay. Placing the metal cookie cutter on top of the plastic wrap.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 19

Adding a thick acrylic block I pressed down the handle until the cookie cutter goes through all the clay making nice smooth rounded edges on the cutout shape.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 18

Using Molds: I dusted the mold with a little cornstarch and added a rolled ball of clay adding a little cornstarch to the upper plate.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 20

A very light pressing into the mold by using a release agent {cornstarch} to the upper plate it did not stick.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 21

Presto a nice clean mold.

Neverknead Pt2 Pic 22

I am always finding more ways to use my NEVERknead machine, it sits right next to me while I clay.